It’s Time We Level the Playing Field for Our Bars & Restaurants

Think About This: Many of your local patrons have likely visited one or more casino in Pennsylvania, spending money they could be spending in your liquor licensed establishment.

Now Ask Yourself: Why are casinos allowed to compete with my business by serving food and alcohol, yet I’m not allowed to legally place a video gaming terminal in my location to increase my revenue?

Legalization of Video Gaming Terminals in PA is the Solution We Need to…

  • Eliminate the thousands of illegal VGTs that currently exist

  • Bring complete transparency and accountability to the industry

  • Generate over $1.1 billion in total annual revenue that will be shared by the Commonwealth, local governments, location owners and VGT operators

  • Deliver local share to ALL 67 counties

  • Provide locations with substantial revenue to grow their businesses and attract more patrons

Lookup your State Senator and Representative’s information… and call them TODAY to tell them to support House Bill 271 and Senate Bill 628!