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Pennsylvania & Local Government Win

Once fully implemented, VGTs are expected to generate over $1.1 billion in total revenue, which would then mean as much as $400 million to the Commonwealth. There will be more oversight and dedicated funds to help problem gaming and we will bring complete accountability to the industry. We will also put an end to the more than 35,000 illegal VGTs that currently exist in locations throughout Pennsylvania.

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Professional Operators Win

Professional operators, many of whom are small, family-owned businesses, could as much as double in size. They will create high-quality, good paying jobs for people to manufacture, install and service VGTs throughout the Commonwealth.

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Small Businesses Win

Liquor-licensed locations will add substantial, passive revenue to help grow their business. The added income will help our small businesses improve their facilities and attract more patrons. Veterans clubs, Fraternal clubs, bars and restaurants that are struggling to stay open will have a new opportunity to not only stay in business, but grow their business! Click here to see what locations are included.


In October of 2017, Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law House Bill 271 legalizing VGTs for the first time in Pennsylvania. The Bill limits VGTs to large truck stops. Though this is a win for VGT legalization, PAVGA is continuing to push for the expansion of VGTS to clubs, taverns, and other licensed liquor establishments.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is governing body for legalized gambling in the state. You can visit the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board website for more information about House Bill 271, VGTs, and legal gambling in Pennsylvania.